Sunday, June 26, 2011

Course Reflections EDLD 5306

I had been considering gaining my masters degree for several years.  I had been looking at the Lamar University program for two years, when I discovered the M.Ed. in School Counseling.  One of the reasons I had not began any program was because Lamar did not have a School Counseling program at the time.  I had been weighing my options about the degree I wanted to pursue.  Ultimately I decided on the M.Ed. Educational Technology Leadership.  This is where my heart lies.  As the first course began I was still focused on the ending the school. Although I was excited about beginning a new chapter for me, I really did not have any preconceived ideas about what the course would be like or how I would like it.   As we wind down this course, I have greater understanding of how to maneuver the courseware and what to expect from future courses.

As I worked through the courseware and assignments I was excited to learn new concepts and put them into practice.  Many of then new concepts will help me as I prepare for my classes, but will also be useful in the future in any new position with new responsibilities.  While I knew what a blog was and what a wiki was, I had not taken advantage of them.  These tools will be useful in developing lessons and communicating with students, parents, and other stakeholders. While these tools an many others are available, I worry that I will not have time necessary to fully explore all that they have to offer.

I was able to complete all requirements for the course.  I have explored many new concepts and useful tools available.  I was successful in preparing a plan for the internship that I will follow as I progress through the program.  I am a little apprehensive about actually carrying the plan out.   I am often quite shy and do not like to ask others for help.  This sometimes leaves me feeling a little in the dark, because I may not understand and am afraid to ask questions.  This is the only trait I see in myself as a barrier.  Others see me as confident and think that I will be able to dive right in and get started.  I hope they are right.

I can’t believe this is over.  I was successful in preparing all coursework and assignments as required. I was usually cramming at the last minute to put the finishing touches on what ever needed to be done.  Kind of like now!  While its summer and I no longer have students I have to prepare for, I have been very busy working with extra curricular duties and students.  In addition to that I have a house full of family members who are always needing my attention: my mother, youngest son, his girlfriend and their one-year-old son (my precious grandbaby) and a host of other family members and friends.  I want to be there for everyone and my biggest downfall is not being able to say no.  The first two weeks of class were busy because I was still working with students as we were in school, the third week of class I had to take a student to leadership training.  We were at this training for six days.  I arrived home at four pm and attended a wedding rehearsal at five pm.  The following morning I participated in a mini bridal spa with my soon to be sister-in-law, followed by a wedding.  To top the weekend off, I attended a family reunion the day after the wedding.   Week four was less hectic, but just as I would get started working on part of the assignment, I would be called away.  I actually finished my coursework from our family lake house (no internet service)!  I now have an air card with prepaid service!  Week five also a little less hectic, but I spent half of each day attending cheerleader practice, as they were preparing for camp, which begin early Monday morning. Whew! I am a little glad that this is over; a little sad, yes, a little nervous about the next course, you bet, but I’m ready! Bring it on.

I always thought I knew a lot about technology.  Yes and NO.  I do know quite a bit about the technology I use, but I realized that I am usually a little apprehensive about trying something new.  It’s like going swimming in the springtime when the water is really cold.  I have to ease into it, a little at a time.  If I jump in to fast I get overwhelmed and have to back out quickly.  But if I take my time and go slow, I become accustomed to the situation and can move a little deeper.  It was that way with the blog and wiki.  I have only been using them for this course, but each time I edit or update them with new information, I get a little deeper into their purposes and uses.  I have learned a lot and will continue more about these tools and many other tools available.  I just hope that I will have the time to dedicate to learning how to fully use them.

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