Saturday, July 30, 2011

Action Research Plan - Analysis to Action

Action Research Plan Part 3 Week 3 EDLD5301


  1. Wow! Your plan is very thorough and well-thought out! As a core teacher (math), it is so hard to teach all the student expectations and show them how it relates to real life situations. I think it admirable for you to want to assist the students, through a course that they enjoy, make that connection. I look forward to following your action research journey! Good luck to you! :) Kristi

  2. I agree that you plan is very thorough. It seems as if you have done this before. I get lost in the details. If this were my plan, I might try to start with a small focus group and then as it gets going add more groups. It seems to be a very large undertaking. I am very interested in how your research turns out!

  3. As a fellow CTE teacher, I enjoyed reading that you will be taking this on. I struggle with watching bright students struggle with core concepts meanwhile completing complex tasks in my classroom.

    Your plan exemplifies that you are exceptionally organized, however my only comment is that you may want to narrow your project to English competencies as they relate to Family and Consumer Sciences courses.

    I say this because I have had the experience of aligning math and science competencies to the Agricultural Sciences curriculum over the past few years and it was a LARGE undertaking.

    Regardless, I am very excited to follow your work and applaud you for using your students interests in your program to improve their other core skills. Good luck and happy researching!

  4. Lisa,

    You've done an awesome job on your action research template! Very impressive work, with interesting attention to detail. Curricular support from enrichment courses is so important, and key to the success of many schools. Great topic choice!

    Dr. Abshire

  5. Thank you all for your comments! Your incites and encouragements have made this process enjoyable!

    @Dr. Abshire, thank you for your encouragement. I have enjoyed the class!