Friday, December 16, 2011

Web Conference... Last Post for EDLD 5363

This past Sunday I attended one of the last web conferences for EDLD 5363.  There have been technical issues for the instructor during this course this time around.  She over came these gracefully and for that I am thankful.  This last web was no exception as she lost connection at one point.  I have found that if I just log in and listen and use the chat box I have fewer problems with the feed, so I choose to log in and listen and read, and occasionally comment or ask questions.  I guess this is due to the bandwidth and wireless network I have set up in my home.  The main problem I have with web conferences is the chat log... it is hard to keep up with comments and listen at the same time. The chat log is rather small for the amount of comments that scroll through at once.  Another problem I have is when someone types a questions, the instructor will answer verbally.  To review the comments or instructions given verbally, one needs to review the recorded version.  I have trouble sitting through the same conference a second time, as "fast-forwarding" through the recorded version is hard to do... it causes my computer to freeze up at times. So... web conferences are useful, but not the best source for information.

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