Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blogs, Blogging... And Education

Blogs and blogging can be a valuable and useful tool for education and educational purposes.  The 21st century learner can be a multi-tasked, often performing several tasks at once.  They can be seen texting, surfing the internet, listening to music and watching video at the same time.  Why can't educators use blogs to engage students?  Blogs can be used as a communication tool, an information sharing and gathering tool, or as a record of student work and progress.  Teachers should serve to be more of a facilitator than an instructor; they should demonstrate the appropriated use of a blog.  Blogging can also serve as an online journal, a place where educators can keek track of their thoughts and ideas.  Sharing the blog also provides an opportunity for feed back through comments and collaboration with peers and other stakeholders.


  1. Hey Lisa,
    I love the word cloud. What a great way to share your thoughts about blogging in a quick, fun way. I'm excited about using blogs in my classroom next year.

  2. I love the idea of blogging as a class! I also love the word web. I will use both the blog and the web more this coming year!

  3. and are two word cloud generators... I personally prefer, as it allows you to make the word cloud into shapes. It may depend on what type of operating system and web browser you are using as to which is more successful for you!