Sunday, June 5, 2011

Technology Assessments

“Why do we have to take a test?”, my students often ask.  “Why are TAKS and End-of Course tests so important?”, others ask.  Assessments are a good measure of what information a student has developed a knowledge of.   As educators, we need to have our skills and knowledge assessed as well.  How are we doing?  Are we implementing what we know and what we know how to do into our classes? 

The state of Texas has in place a Long-Range Plan for Technology, and as part of this long range plan the state has implemented the School Technology and Readiness Chart. The STaR Chart is an assessment tool the determine if a school, district, and teachers are significant making progress to the four key areas:
  •             Teaching and Learning
  •             Educator Preparation and Development
  •             Leadership, Administration, and Insstructional Support
  •             Infrastructure for Technology

Teachers and schools are rated in each of these key areas and these scores are used  to determine the level that they are at.  Levels include Early Tech, Developing Tech, Advanced Tech and Target Tech.  Schools and teachers should use stratagies to reach the Target Tech level.

Without assessments, students will not know how well they know the content.  With technology assessments, teachers and schools can determine what their needs are and where improvements can be made.

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